About Kitaoka Gihodo

A Kyoto hyogu workshop run by Hideyoshi Kitaoka, and trusted by domestic and foreign fine art dealers.

Situated close to World Heritage Site Shimogamo Shrine, Kitaoka Gihodo carries on the same name as the workshop originally founded in Yokkaichi by Hideyoshi’s father, Ken. The workshop is trusted enough in the world of fine arts and antiquities that it is often specifically requested to work on objects by the most discerning domestic and foreign dealers and collectors. Backing up this reputation is a long and distinguished record of successful restoration, primarily of Japanese paintings. Hideyoshi’s eldest son is already a hyougu craftsman, while his younger son is currently in training. Both of them look forward to serving a wide variety of clients in the future.


Hideyoshi Kitaoka
1951 Born as second son to hyogu craftsman Ken Kitaoka in Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture
1952 Father Ken Kitaoka opens Kitaoka Gihodo workshop in Yokkaichi.
1972 Decides to follow in father’s footsteps. Kitaoka is accepted as apprentice by Okazaki Seikodo in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, the center of hyogu in Japan, where he learns the craft from Kyoto hyogu master Chuzo Okazaki.
1979 After finishing a seven-year apprenticeship, Kitaoka opens up his own workshop in Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto under the same name as his father’s workshop in Yokkaichi. His workshop receives requests from the finest domestic and foreign collectors and dealers operating in Kyoto from the very beginning.
1999 Receives rank of Kyoto Hyogu Traditional Craftsman
2000 Joins the Kyoto Hyoso Association, and participates regularly in their yearly exhibition.
Elder son : Hiroyuki Kitaoka
2004 Accepted as apprentice at Itou-Chikkodo in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. Studies with hyogu master Shuji Ito for six years.
2010 Enters the Kitaoka Gihodo workshop as a hyogu craftsman. Joins the Kyoto Hyoso Association.
Second son : Yoshiyuki Kitaoka
2009 Begins training with Shoundo in Otsu, Shiga, studying restoration of cultural treasures.

By Denchu Hirakushi