Privacy Policy

1.Establishment and continuous improvement of privacycompliance program

Kitaoka Gihodo has established and is continually improving a compliance program with the purpose of educating its employees about the importance of protecting individual privacy and appropriate use of personal information.

2.Collection, use, and provision of private information

Kitaoka Gihodo is aware that information services are a core aspect of its business, and has established systems for managing personal information depending on use. Kitaoka Gihodo performs collection, use, provision and protection of private information in the appropriate manner based on applicable regulations.

3.Safety precautions

Kitaoka Gihodo performs security and takes all precautions in order to guarantee the accuracy and safety of private information, including steps to prevent inappropriate access, loss, alteration, and leaking of such information.

4.Rights of information owners

Kitaoka Gihodo respects the rights of information owners, and will make every effort to respond when individuals make requests regarding their own personal data including disclosure, correction, deletion, use, or confidentiality.

5.Laws and regulations

Kitaoka Gihodo follows all applicable laws and regulations relating to protection of personal information. Personal information refers to name, date of birth, age, sex, address, phone number, email address, place of employment, affiliation, employer address, employer phone number, credit card information, bank information, identification numbers or codes, information about purchased products or services, and any other information that can be used in conjunction with other data to identify individuals, either in paper or electronic format. “Information owner” refers to individuals identified by this information.