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About Kyoto Hyogu

Kyoto boasts the highest level of hyogu skill in Japan, blessed as it is with abundant temples, shrines, tea ceremony, and other aspects of traditional Japanese culture, as well as excellent materials such as Nishijin fabrics and Yoshino paper. Even the climate, with its extremes of hot and cold, lends itself to the craft. Even now “Kyoto hyogu” is a byword for the highest expression of the art.

Operated by an official “Traditional Craftsman”

Kitaoka Hideyoshi, Chief Craftsman at Kitaoka Gihodo Workshop

“Traditional Craftsman”: An honor bestowed by the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries to those who pass its tests in official traditional crafts as designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry. As of 2009, only 51 such craftsman nationwide have been granted this honor.
This seal shows that a piece of Kyoto hyogu has passed inspection by trade associations and other groups and is officially recognized as traditional craftwork.

Traditional Mark

Traditional Mark
Approval number 22-088

※ Here is an article on Hideyoshi Kitaoka on Waza no Kokoro, a website about craftsmen published by Nikkei BP:

published by Nikkei BP: